Saturday, 20 October 2012

YES... no

As Eve so kindly pointed out, this blog has been doing didly squat.
Well, I've been stuck
Where to start? At a favourite book of most of us, and make a character? At Blogland's overly simple OC that I want to expand? Mary Sue? Appearance? Overpowered? History?


I have about ten drafts that I've started then wondered if I should start with that.

Well, because I am stuck, I'm going to ask you people. Tell me, where do you want to start on our character making journey?

So yeah, just comment it and hopefull this blog can get a move on

Sunday, 29 July 2012

What the hell are you doing this time Nix?

Man, I am getting a LOT of blogs.
True, 6 aren't mine, but that still leaves 6, including Nix and Mist, and considering two of us write it, I think we're both entitled to say it's both our blog. And What If? is still my blog. I created it, MOI IDEA

Now, this is just something I've been thinking about for a while, and by constantly keeping it going, I'm hoping to avoid the crash like What If?, which I still like but have way too much to write to keep it going.

This is just to help each other come up with characters. Most of you use the one. USE MORE GOLDEN GOD DAMNIT!
Now, if I just did that, this blog would die like an enemy of Skulduggery who's made him angry. So, I'm also going to show you my characters. Not just ones I've made up, because you'll only get to see them in writing. No, characters I've made up for books. And I have made more characters then I have made blogs. A LOT. So, I'll show you my characters, and for each book that most of you have read, I'll ask you to make one up. For those of you who haven't read the books, read more.

Ready? God damn you, do not tut me like an idiot.
Just follow me for a while. Everyone, from the greatest author to the duck in that pond over there, needs to improve there writing, or at least practise it, and a big part of that is character making