Saturday, 20 October 2012

YES... no

As Eve so kindly pointed out, this blog has been doing didly squat.
Well, I've been stuck
Where to start? At a favourite book of most of us, and make a character? At Blogland's overly simple OC that I want to expand? Mary Sue? Appearance? Overpowered? History?


I have about ten drafts that I've started then wondered if I should start with that.

Well, because I am stuck, I'm going to ask you people. Tell me, where do you want to start on our character making journey?

So yeah, just comment it and hopefull this blog can get a move on


  1. Hmmm.... Hmmmmm....HMMMMMMM....HMMMMMMMM....

    ....I got nothing. I don't read a lot anymore. Shameful, I know. WE WERE SUPPOSED TO BE FOLLOWING YOU, DAMMIT!

    Sorry. :|

  2. I'd like to work on appearance. Describing appearances of characters are pretty important and a lot of people (myself included, I admit) only include attire and hair style in their OCs.

    I just feel this should be expanded and built on, so meh. My vote's for appearance working.

  3. I think you already know what I'm going to say before I even say it and I'm sure once Zaf sees this post she is going to say the same thing lol

    It's time for Operation Take over Ireland lol

    I'm just kidding Nix... I got nothing. Must be the Sunday brain.

    1. Um... what's that got to do with this blog?

    2. Nothing whatsoever... as I said, it's Sunday brain so I thought I would throw it around for the craic.

    3. That's not fair enough, but life ain't fair, so who cares
      Still don't know what craic means

    4. Craic: A term used by the Irish that confuses many international people. This term can also mean "for the hell of it" or "for a laugh". It is however not to be confused with the very bad drug, crack. Completely different!!

  4. I've changed my mind.

    I think we should all come up with a better OC Format.

    1. One that has heaps of stuff included in it.

      Like The Forum's is, y'know? Not necessarily with that much stuff, but so the character is a lot more specified and distinguished.